Forex trading

Welkron – an international Forex broker providing its clients with the opportunity to profit from a variety of trading tools.


One of the most popular tools is the currency. The foreign exchange market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world.

Today, the daily turnover of Forex exceeds 4 trillion dollars and represents a unique combination of investment and exchange of currencies in the relevant courses.

Welkron’s customers have special terms of trade in the Forex currency market thanks to low spreads, no commissions and the use of leverage to maximize profits with minimal capital.

Trade on the foreign exchange market c Welkron:

The most liquid market in the world;

More than 150 currency pairs;

24 hours a day, 5 days a week;

Leverage 1: 100, 200, 500;

Narrow spreads, no commissions.


Working with stocks and shares is a special aspect of the trader’s activity. Shares are considered a universal instrument, giving its owners an excellent opportunity to increase personal capital. After all, these securities represent a part of the company into which the investor can invest money and make a profit.

Account holders at Welkron have the opportunity to work in the stock market without leaving home. It is enough to open an account, download a convenient trading terminal, and the world of shares will be available for placing your capital.

Shares are unique financial instruments that make it possible to become part of the global financial system.

Advantages of trading stocks:

Access to shares of the most popular companies in the world

An advantageous investment alternative to currency trading

Convenience and ease of work with securities


Welkron strives to satisfy the needs of its traders with a full range of services and trading tools.

That’s why we give our clients the opportunity to trade indices

Indices are unique financial instruments that can be used for both trading and analyzing the state of the market or the economy as a whole.


High profitability;

Access to world markets;

Playing on market trends to increase / decrease;

Selection of long / short positions depending on market conditions;

Absence of additional payments and commissions.

Trading with Welkron is very easy!


Welkron offers trading on such popular energy carriers as natural gas and oil.

Trading in this market is increasingly attracting traders, due to the dynamic and high market volatility associated with the world`s economy, politics and ecology.

Energy prices are constantly on the move, and these are ideal conditions for trading and numerous opportunities for profit.


High volatility

Trade is available 23 hours / 5 days a week

Minimum deposit of $ 500

The size of the leverage is 1: 200

Instant execution of orders

Low spreads

No commissions


Welkron provides its customers with favorable terms for trading in gold and silver on the most modern MetaTrader 4 platform.

Due to the rapid price increase and high market volatility, precious metals have become an attractive investment for many traders around the world.

Welkron provides its customers with the best conditions for metals trading, instant execution of orders and narrow spreads.

Advantages of trading on metals:

Gold and silver trading is available 23 hours / 5 days a week

Minimum deposit of $ 500

The size of the leverage is 1: 200

No additional commissions from transactions

An advantageous investment alternative to currency trading